Mark Hurd’s Life

All You Need to Know about Mark Hurd’s Life

Leading a successful life is never a piece of cake, at one point you have to maintain your reputation and on the other hand you also need to stay answerable to the public too. You need to be an open book when you take your position as a public figure. Similar is the situation of Website, he has gained an immense level of popularity among his fans and this popularity has been providing him with an outstanding experience of all times.

May people wish to know more and more about Mark Hurd’s life however, a few things which one may wish to know about his life include the following?

Mark Hurd and Tennis

Mark Hurd has always played tennis like a pro, nobody knew that he would one day be a CEO known worldwide in fact people studying with him at Baylor University were of a view that he would make a place as a successful tennis player.

Business Studies Led to IT Industry

Since father of Mark was in finance field and he took a graduation degree from Baylor University in 1979 under Bachelors of Business Administration, it was expected that he would move toward finance field as well, but he seemed to be having interest in the field of IT. Every single company he has headed being a CEO is based on being an IT company.

Never Inclined towards Programming

Many CEOs who have been leading companies in the field of IT industry must have done some programming courses after they have completed their graduation, but Mark is that one person who has nothing to do with programming. Though he has not studied this subject some or the other way yet he has a knowledge which is far much reliable as compared to that of from the end of a programmer.

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