Factors to Consider when Buying Silicone Babies

The idea of having click here has been floating much in the market and every other artist is busy sculpting these babies for the people out there. However, among the different silicone babies available in the market you need to be considerate about which ones are right for you and in this regard a few thing which you must consider before you make the purchase are as follows:

Kind of Paint Used in Making

The baby has been sculpted with the help of silicone but then to give it the look like human different layers of paint are being used over it in order to bring it in the right shape. Many artists have been using an inferior quality paint which wears off over time; it may be rubbed and faded within no time making the baby look ugly. However, most of the artists use the best quality paints which remain intact for years and years. So make sure you consider the quality of the paint used over the baby before purchasing.

Texture of Hair

The hair is being inserted on the scalp of the baby, the right way to insert hair is to do it one by one so that the outlook may appear being the right one and looks realistic whereas the hair which is being inserted without any care and directly at once may create a lump and it effects the outlook of the baby and so as its features.

Texture of the Body

The silicone babies are not hard like plastic dolls rather they are very soft like petals and give the same feel as of humans. So, make sure that the baby you’re buying for yourself gives the same soft feel like a human or else the point of purchase will diminish and the silicone baby would no more be the one you have been looking for.


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