Bathtub Installation Could Become A Weekend Income For You

If you’re looking for something to do with your weekends where you make more money than just your regular day job gives you, and especially if you’re looking for something that involves physical, hands-on work as a nice counterpoint to your endless cubicle hours in a chair, then bathtub installation might be right up your alley.

Learning how to do bathtub installation is not all that difficult. You can pick up quite a bit reading articles and blogs online. YouTube videos are great if you are an audiovisual learner, and many forums mean chances to ask questions about the finer points and details. You can even order tools and supplies to use, as well as discover how to be a licensed contractor in your community.

You do need practice at it though, and you might want to start in your own home the first go around. After that, you can help out friends and family doing their own home improvement projects.

If you’re able to get to the point of being able to take out an existing bathtub and tiling, and then replace it all in two days, then you have a service you can offer homeowners who need it done but would prefer to be home while there’s a contractor in their residence. In being able to do it in two days or less, you can start Saturday morning and then get it done Sunday, so they have a new shower or bathtub to start off a fresh week with Monday morning.

Should you get so good at it that you can do it in one day, you can either do same-day service and still get one day off a week, or possibly do two bathrooms in one weekend. If business booms enough, you might be able to wash yourself of that dreaded day job.

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